Chives in Coconut Oil

The coconut oil brings another depth to an already delicious meal and my guests were totally blown away by it.

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Health Benefits
Studies show that MCTs in coconut oil may help control insulin levels increase levels of HDL and decrease LDL levels. Coconut oil also has antioxidants that help reduce stress levels. There is also an improvement in skin and hair health with those who use coconut oil. The benefits are just endless, plus our extra virgin, Organic coconut oil just smells divine. Our oils are all unrefined and cold pressed. This means that there are no adulterations or additions to them. When we say coconut oil, we mean coconut oil. Extra virgin coconut oil does not undergo bleaching, refinement or deodorizing so the natural coconut flavor, antioxidant nutrition and medium chain triglyceride and lauric acid levels are maintained. BeeBee’s Coconut Oil is unprocessed, so there is little chance of the creation of Trans-fats ( a form of unsaturated fat).

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