About BeeBeeSpices

Our History

BeebeeSpices began life here in London, born out of the COVID-19 challenge. We often visited our favourite Chinese restaurant, they made the best chilli in oil, not counting my mum’s of course. We decided to experiment on our own when the quality of chilli in oil took a nose dive. I was visiting a friend one lovely Saturday and realised rather late in the day that I had nothing to give her as a gift so I decided to wrap up something home-made and all I had were my gorgeous oils. So, I bottled them nicely in one of my collection jars, just to make them look more presentable. I will never forget the look on her face when she opened the package to reveal the cutest and most colourful condiments. She actually thought they were store bought. Straight into the kitchen they went. Not long after, I presented the same package to my colleague, and then a friend. It became apparent that this was no longer a treat for the select few; we needed to share the secret with the world.

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Who are we?

We are a family business, with deep ethnic roots that we are proud to share. Our products are deliberately versatile, they go on, in and with almost anything from pasta to bread or eggs. After a hard day in the office, you will be forgiven for sprinkling a spoon full of our rich condiments onto your dish and voila! dinner is served. Every BeeBeeSpice jar is authentic with no preservatives or colour enhancers. We are proud of our products and work extremely hard to maintain their natural flavours.

Our Vision

We often had family come around because my mum loved to entertain. I recall mum attending cookery classes as an adult. As the older female sibling in a traditional home, this meant that I was always mums assistant. It was my duty to clean and prep the ingredients she would be using for the dish and boy did she make lots of dishes. Little did I know that these experiences would shape my life. I grew to appreciate and love good food.
Folarin’s mum was not too different, she was almost always in the kitchen rustling up something for her four boys and they were always hungry. Both our mums had a penchant for good food and they were wonderful cooks, great mothers and the best entertainers. Following the passing of both them, to cancer, we realised the importance of eating right and so we endeavour to provide heathier alternatives to our condiments and oils.

I doubt that we would have embarked on this journey if we had known the challenges. I am glad that we took the plunge. We are grateful for our friends who have laughed with us, cried with us yet remained with us. To our mums, thanks for the experience. To our family, thank you for making the journey possible. And to the world, thank you for walking with us..

Much love,

Folarin, Danielle and Beni