Prawn And Kale Soup

November 2, 2020 0 Comments

Shake Off The Winter Blues With Prawn And Kale Soup with Salmon

The one thing I love about the winter is having a hot bowl of soup by the fireside or the radiator of my study. I just love it; especially when I got news that my school was being taken over by another federation. I just had to have something hot to steady my nerves. Then it came to me, Prawn and Kale soup was what I needed. Here’s how


1 laddle Beebee oils Sundried tomatoes

1 large onion

2 fresh garlic cloves

1 bag of kale

250g of large prawns

3 mini sweet peppers

5 ml beebeespices chilli flakes

10 ml beebeespices chilli Hot Hot

7ml Beebee’s smokedHimalayan Pink Rock Salt


1. Pour oil into hot pan

2. Add garlic and toss

3. Add onion, stir for 30 seconds

4. Add prawns and beebee’s smoked Himalayan pink salt

5. Add the Beebee chilli flakes and Hot Hot and stir to make sure all of the prawn absorbs the flavours.

6. Now add the kale, stir and leave to steam for 3 minutes. You want to maintain the crunch and freshness

7. Finally, add the mini sweet peppers, Stir and remove from fire.

8. OMG! You can enjoy this with some pasta, gluten free Chinese noodles, lentils or on its own with some salmon.

That definitely helped me look on the bright side of life. Quick, healthy and happy meals we just love.